Tuesday, 17 October 2017

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Milestone Achievements

  • Facilitated industrial investment of Taka 11,825 million in the private sector of the country.
  • More than thirteen thousand seven hundred fifty new jobs created in the industrial enterprises promoted by SABINCO.
  • Introduced industrial scale Fish-Farming (grow out) concept in the country.
  • Promoted first Balanced Fish & Poultry Feed mill in the country.
  • Promoted first commercial shrimp hatchery (Black Tiger) in the private sector.
  • Facilitated the growth of private sector cement industry by promoting four pioneer cement industries.
  • Construction of a pre-fabricated steel structured office building for SABINCO.
  • SABINCO as a profitable company has been redeploying its profits for further investment in new industrial ventures within the national economy.
  • Continued to make significant contribution to the national economy through payment of tax and dividend (since inception to 31 December 2015).
    • Taka 2,275.8 million paid as Income Tax and Taka 1,177.8 million as Dividend, to the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
    • Taka 1,177.8 million paid to the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as Dividend only.