Monday, 19 March 2018

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Progress So far


  • SABINCO has so far approved 121 ventures in various industrial/financial/ institutional sub-sectors of the country either as sole financing or in syndication with other Banks and Financial Institutions.
  • More recently we have also provided financing to three leading financial institutions for reinvesting in the SME and micro finance sectors.
  • Projects financed are in the Agriculture, Chemicals, Cement, Electronics & Electrical, Food & Beverage, Glass & Ceramics, Iron Steel & Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Textiles, Telecom & IT Sectors.
  • Out of 121 projects, 83 projects have already fully settled their loan liabilities. Thus, the total count of live projects is 38.

  • Total loan outstanding amount: Taka 2,071.14 million (as on 31 December 2016).

  • Total investment as on 31 December 2016: Taka 3,805.72 million